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We are a consolidated hospitality group focused on constantly improving customer satisfaction, and aspiring to be bigger and better every year.

We currently have two tourism facilities in the Algarve. We also have apartments, restaurants, bars and a wide range of complementary services.

The group was founded in 1999 with the opening of Vitor´s Plaza, located at Av. Henry Cotton in the fantastic beach location of Alvor, a hotel particularly tailored to families seeking to enjoy a wide variety of entertainment, sports and leisure activities.

In 2008, we expanded the business by investing in a new facility: Vitor’s Village, located in the traditional fishing village of Ferragudo, a contemporary hotel with a high degree of quality and comfort for those wishing to enjoy their dream vacation.

With a guarantee of quality and comfort, our facilities bear out the success of our product and service as they evolve.

Licenças de AL: 27795/AL, 27798/AL, 27799/AL, 27800/AL, 27822/AL, 28517/AL, 28521/AL, 28523/AL, 28525/AL, 28530/AL, 28611/AL, 28563/AL, 28567/AL, 28571/AL, 28593/AL, 28536/AL, 32235/AL, 28600/AL, 28608/AL, 29759/AL, 28531/AL, 29338/AL, 29764/AL, 29773/AL, 29762/AL, 29744/AL, 29758/AL, 29748/AL, 29348/AL, 29345/AL, 27690/AL, 27693/AL, 27786/AL, 27791/AL, 27564/AL, 27567/AL, 27652/AL, 27656/AL, 27657/AL, 32236/AL, 29711/AL, 29692/AL, 29344/AL, 29341/AL, 29340/AL, 29293/AL, 29299/AL, 29303/AL, 29310/AL, 29311/AL,

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